Signs of a Failing Marriage

‘Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably, they are both disappointed.’
– Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein understood the crux of a marital union. He was a genius!
Let’s talk about the current phase. Divorce rates have shot up and that’s mainly because both men and women do not wish to ‘settle’ for anyone.
There was a time when women and men would stay in the marriage for kids, but times have changes. Everyone is aware of their rights. For starters, both men and women have the right to be happy and step out of the marital union.
The question is – How do you know that your marriage has failed? Do you get a sign from God?
We will tell you about the signs of a failing marriage. Please note that we did extensive research on this subject and took the opinion of both the sexes.
Warning Signs of a Failed Marriage
1. No More Wild Nights
You have lost interest in your partner and none of you initiate sex. Your wife sleeps on her side and is probably napping in another room. As per researchers, if you are having sexual intercourse less than 10 times in a year, it is a danger sign.
You are no longer kissing, hugging, cuddling and there is no spark between you two. In fact, you might just lay next to each other without feeling anything. That’s a problem!
2. There’s Not Much To Say
There was a time you would make fun plans with your beloved. If your marriage is failing, you will not have anything to say to each other. If you are just talking about responsibilities, kids, and bills, then there is nothing left between you two.
3. I’m attracted to someone else
When you are not getting sex or emotional comfort from your marriage, you will seek for the same outside your marriage. This is a danger sign! Before cheating on your partner, please note that it is better to end your marriage and not to do it behind her/his back.
The truth always comes out! We have seen many partners making peace with each other for kids. A child will never be happy in a broken home. Before you sleep with another woman/man, just make up your mind that you have to end the union. Cheating is not pleasant or morally correct.
4. Constant Arguments
When you sit down to discuss important matters, it turns into an argument. If you and your partner cannot communicate, it is a red flag for your relationship. Some couples would opt for couple’s therapy, but it is hard when two people cannot stand each other.
When there is love, you would not need ‘fixing’ or ‘trying’. If you both despise each other and cannot respect the opinion of your partner, then the relationship is not worth a second chance.
5. Fantasizing and Wishing For A Better Life
If you are fantasizing about a life without your spouse, then you are certainly reaching the end point. A person who is madly in love with someone will never think of ending the relation or seeing a future without their partner.
When you feel the need to break free and not be with your partner, do it right then. This will help you both to move on and accept the differences.
6. Trust Issues
If your partner has started doubting you, it is best to comfort them. However, great relationships are built on trust. With no trust, the ship will sink. Checking your phone, spying on you and going through your documents are not healthy acts. If your partner does not trust you or you do not trust your partner, then there is no point of continuing the relationship.
7. No Respect For Each Other
Apart from the fights, you feel your partner is criticizing you time and again. They insult you in front of friends and family members. This cannot be accepted in a healthy relationship. You should have self-respect. A partner who does not respect you or does not listen to your concerns is not worth the time and patience.
8. Cheating on your Partner
If you or your partner cheated behind the back, then it is game over. Some couples give each other second chances, but the success rate is quite low. Why would anyone cheat? End the marriage, have as many affairs with multiple partners and even get married second or third time.
It is very difficult to forgive your partner. Most importantly, it will be extremely hard to trust them again. Will they do it again? Only you would know!
9. Violence of all Forms
In case your partner hits you, that is the biggest sign of a failed marriage. You should never be with a woman/man who physically abuse you. In fact, partners should never even use foul language for each other.
There is no end to physical or verbal violence. Put an end to this relationship!
Why are marriages failing in today’s world?
Marriages are dreamy, but everyone focuses on the wedding part. Never get married to escape from reality.
Not everyone is meant to have a happy first marriage. Some people might take time to find their soul mate. In fact, there are some people who cannot handle a marital union.
Get married when you find the right man/woman. Get married when you are sure that this is the person whom you can love even during sad days! Life is too short, and you want to get it right within this one lifetime. You may find the right person the first time. For others, it might even take 2-3 marriages.
Marriages are failing due to multiple reasons – problems with in-laws, financial independence, sexual attraction towards younger men/women, unsatisfied sex life, and no compatibility.
Learn to respect each other’s decision of wanting to end the union. You can give second chances, but always be ready for a twist in your life.
If your marriage has failed, do not be disappointed because God has made billions of people to choose from. Your heart will beat YET again. You will fall in love YET again!

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