Keeping the Knot Tight: How To Save My Marriage?

There are few things imaginable than the feeling that your marriage is going down the drain. The anguish, pain, and disillusionment one feels when things are seemingly broken beyond repair cancause you to lose all hope. While it may seem like the problems in your union are simply too many or too heavy to fix, you should always allow for a chance to get things back on track.
If you have the honesty and awareness to notice that things are a mess, that’s a good sign. It means that you can actually make steps towards making things better and reviving your marriage. You can’t fix something if you don’t even know it’s broken. There are steps you can take towards this, if you and your partner are willing to face the challenge with honesty and good faith. If you’re wondering how to save your marriage, then you will find some help here. Hopefully, it will be the start of your journey back to wedded bliss.
Let’s jump right in.

1. Remember What Made You Fall For Each Other
As time passes, the memory of what made you decide to tie the knot fades for many couples. In hard times, especially, it might seem like a distant memory of a whole other life. What you will need to do in order to mend the crumbling marriage is try and get yourselves back into the mindset that saw you link up in the first place.
Writing down the things that attracted you to each other is a great way to summon those sentiments in a real way. Plenty of couples making this step realize that the things they fell in love with are sometimes still there, only for the fact that they have somehow lost sight and touch with them. This might seem rather whimsical, since it doesn’t necessarily fix the damage right here and now, but it works to remind us that things were not always bad, and they can be good again if we work at it.

2. Listen to Each Other More
One of the biggest symptoms of a failing relationship or marriage is a gradual falure to communicate effectively. Once people in a relationship begin tuning each other out, they are on the road to trouble. Getting a rocky marriage back on track will have to involve a great deal of honest communication – from both parties.
Get back into the habit of having meaningful conversations with each other where you communicate what you’re thinking, feeling, hoping for, fearful of, and happy about. Ask that your partner do the same. It might seem like an unnatural thing to do, asking for conversation that used to come so freely once upon a time, but the situation calls for such seemingly drastic measures.
In fact, you will likely come to realize that your lack of communication is justa bad habit you fell intoas a couple and as you start up you communications again, many of your issues will find quicker resolution. Remember that this does take courage, especially if there is a lot of hurt and resentment to overcome, but things are always less threatening when they are out in the open. You might find that some of your issues were simply cases of misinterpretation.

3. Think About The Specific Causes for Your Failing Marriage
Pinpointing and confronting the cause of a relationship breakdown is the most important step towards getting things back on track. Some of the most common causes are:

• Infidelity
When one of the partners in a marriage strays, it causes a great deal of seemingly irreparable damage to the trust that lies at the foundation of every union. In many cases, marriages never fully recover from infidelity. This is one of the most painful causes of marital distress, and takes the most courage to fully confront.

• Tough Times
For better or for worse, they said. In times of trouble and crisis, the extent to which couples support and encourage each other is of vital importance. The trouble may pass eventually, but the memory of a lack of support will linger on in resentment.

4. Don’t Allow For Distractions
When your marriage is on the ropes, this is not the time to have your minds running in all directions. You need to focus on your marriage without regard to the demands of your career, extended family, friends, or whatever else is going on out there. Getting you marriage on its feet again should be your priority, especially since a sound marriage will be the springboard for you to find success in any other activities you undertake in your life. Everything begins at home.
Make a deliberate effort to talk more, go out on dates, and connect on a daily basis in order to re-establish and strengthen the links that bind you and your partner together. Dating is an especially effective tool here, as it gives both parties the chance to plan and be accountable to each other with a free mind as they schedule their outings, or stay-ins, for that matter.

5. Think of Ways to Reconnect
Every couple should have sure-fire ways of bringing them closer. These should take the form of shared activities, hobbies, or interests that both enjoy. Make time to do something exciting, romantic, or simply interesting together – just the two of you. The idea is to navigate your way back towards each other in an atmosphere that is free of the background hum of tension that can sometimes permeate through an unhappy home.
In fact, most couples are advised to take a trip and make a getaway for a couple of days if possible, or simply schedule a night out of town. A change of scene can do a lot to neutralize the negative energies that might be accumulating in a marriage.
The Takeaway
Quite often, marital problems may be overblown in our minds. Simply taking time to reflect on the situation might see us find the solutions we need to bring back the joy and happiness that’s missing in our marriages. Keep hope alive, and you can surely keep you marriage breathing as well.

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