Is Marriage Worth It?

‘A perfect marriage is two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.’
Majority of the girls have already dreamt about their dream wedding! However, a wedding is just a one-day affair. Marriage is a life-long decision! As a bachelor/bachelorette, you have pictured life as all hunky-dory after the wedding, but it takes a lot of work to build your own world. The million dollar question is this – Is marriage worth it?
We believe in the institution of marriage! When soul mates find each other, they are able to create their own blissful paradise. When two incompatible people are in a union, life becomes a living hell. Coming back to the real question of whether marriage is worth it or not, we will explain it to you in kind words.
Let’s dive right into the topic!
Good For Your Heart and Health
We often hear people saying, ”I’m falling in love!”
My dear, love does not make you fall. One always rises in love! Marriage is the safest place on Planet Earth. You feel secure within your marital union.
When the world gives up on you, your family abides by you. If you look at the statistics, married men enjoy a blissful life as compared to widowed/divorced/separated/single men and women. When you are a family man/woman, you share a life together. Some days, the wife cooks for you and the other days, you cook a happy meal for her.
Every responsibility gets shared! Additionally, a great sex life boosts your overall health. Being in a marriage means your heart is secure and your better-half is looking after it.
Is Love Crucial For MARRIAGE?
Love is the foundation of marriage, but many couples are staying in an unhappy union. There is a big misconception that there is love in every marriage. There are times when you would be forced to marry a complete stranger. Sometimes, you do it as a duty towards your family.
”When will you get married, son?”
”Honey, you are getting old! You should think of settling down.”
”Are you interested in the opposite sex? If not, then get married NOW!”
The society wears a judgmental lens and our families fall in the trap. Please note that love is the most essential ingredient in a successful marriage. If God wants, you will fall in love/rise in love with your spouse, but love is a feeling that cannot be forced.
What if you find love outside your marriage? Hence, be very sure before saying, ”I DO” at the altar.
Love is About Actions And Not Mere Words
Love cannot be defined by a piece of paper. Getting married is institutionalizing your relationship.
You never have to prove someone you love by marrying them. Love is a strong emotion and it is also about real actions. Saying ”I LOVE YOU” a thousand times does not mean someone loves you.
When you love someone, you respect them, cherish and care for them. You keep your companion ahead of you at all times! You become selfless and you always think of everything as a collective decision.

Making Wise Decisions At The Right Time
Marriage is totally worth it! You are getting to spend the rest of your life with the man/woman you have dreamt of. You are going to wake up next to each other every single day. One day, you will have babies together – a part of you and a part of him/her.
You will create your own family who will always stand beside you and even behind you.
Never get married if your partner has threatened you to showcase your love. Marriage does not prove anything! Decisions made in haste can bite you later in life.
Get married when you are ready to embrace the partner with open arms. Get married when you can take up the responsibilities. Do note that marriage is not a party or a 1-year-affair. You will be spending most part of your day with this other-half.
It is easy to make mistakes and rush into matrimonial union. Decide now whether you want to make hasty decisions and regret later or make wise decisions and lead a blissful life.
Don’t Make It All About The Wedding Affair
You have saved up for your big wedding. Is it required? Well, everyone has their personal preferences, but a big wedding does not equate to real love.
People get married in a private setting of 30 people and they lead a happily married life.
While marriage is worth it, a big wedding is just a day you spend all your life savings. How about spending the same money on your future investments?
Happily Ever After?
Divorce rates are increasing. This is primarily because people rush into the decision of getting married. Nobody calculates the risks – they are simply lured by the idea of getting married and leading a social-media friendly life.
Stop right here!
If you want a happily ever after, you must sit down and breathe easy.
• Is this the person you want to marry and be with for the rest of your life? YES/NO?
• Do you see yourself loving the same person every single day? YES/NO?
• Does this person respect you/your family and everything that comes with you? YES/NO?
Different people are attracted to all kinds of people. But, you marry to start a family. You marry for comfort and togetherness. If the person shows any danger signs such as an unfaithful past, disrespecting your decisions, or making mockery of your dreams, then this is not the person for you.
Marriage gives you the joy of having your own family. You live together, eat good, spend Sunday brunches together, experience life, and even become grandparents.
If the kids turn out to be wise and kind, they look after you and love you unconditionally. The wife/husband stays with you ’till death. As a bachelor/bachelorette, you are missing out on the comfort, the warmth and the prospect of creating a wonderful family.
In a nutshell, marriage is worth it! There will be days when you and your partner will have disagreements, but the sex, the kids, the care during sickness, the happiness of having a family and not being alone, will make your life heavenly!

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