How To Stop A Divorce?

Is your marriage in danger?
Majority of the human beings do not wish to accept that there are problems in their marriage. ‘Ignorance is bliss’, that’s what they say and most of the men and women make peace with an estranged partner.
As time passes by, your better-half gathers courage to say it out loud.
”I want a divorce.”
”Honey, I’ve found someone else.”
”This is an unhappy marriage. I want to quit.”
When these sentences come out of your partner’s sweet lips, your heart breaks and the world gets shattered. Your heart knew that he/she isn’t the same anymore, but you still want to hold on to the relationship. You tried to avoid ‘the’ discussion, but it has to happen someday!
The Most Difficult Moment
Simone told Harry that she wanted to talk about something important. Due to their busy lives, they could never get time to sit down, talk or spend quality time. Harry was elated because he could finally sit down with Simone and talk about their future and whether they want to start a family or travel together. Simone sat down next to Harry and held his hand as tightly as she could.
”Harry, I want to end this marriage. I’m not happy.”
When we are too busy, we end up forgetting our partner. The time we realize that one needs to spend time with their partner, it gets too late. In this case, Harry didn’t realize that Simone was extremely unhappy in the union.
Harry doesn’t want to leave Simone. He decided he will do everything to keep her close to him.
The question is – How to stop a divorce? What can Harry do to stop Simone from filing a divorce?
Our endeavour is to help couples solve their issues and make their matrimonial union a blissful place to be. But, there are times when one needs to work extra hard to save their relationship. Divorce is not easy! It is basically putting an end to an institution. If kids are involved, it is even more heart-breaking.
Read on to find out the ways you can stop a divorce. Let’s cut to the chase!

You are NOT The Victim
”How could you do this to me?”
”What the hell is wrong with you?”
Dear friend and beloved reader,
Nothing is wrong with your partner! Something is wrong with the relationship. It is easy to blame, shout, and cry. If you want to stop the divorce, stop playing the victim card.
This is the perfect time to show your love through actions, and not just words. You must appreciate your partner, learn from your mistakes, accept the mistakes, and listen to your partner’s issues.
It takes a lot of courage to say that someone wants a divorce. There was unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the marriage and THAT led to the thoughts of ending the union.
Never Talk About It With Your Family And Friends
When you get married to someone, you become their confidante. If you do not want your marriage to end, control the temptation of reaching out to friends and family. Their instant reaction would be to turn against your wife/husband. They will try to protect you, but they would also reach out to him and say nasty things.
Never share your private life details with your family and friends. Yes, you can talk about certain issues, but sharing details about your husband is not the nicest thing to do. Marriage is a private space and you should respect it.
Never React Impulsively
When your partner talks about divorce, do not react impulsively. We tend to say hurtful things when we are extremely hurt or disappointed. Hear them out and reply to it later on. Nobody is forcing you to come to a conclusion or make a decision there and then!
Take your time, think about it, and then speak to your partner with a calm mind. If you cry or scream, you would make it to the partner that you are a difficult person to be with!
No More Begging and Pleading
My love, begging and pleading never works. If your partner cheated on you and wants to marry another person, the begging and pleading will not work. You need to give them something extra, something they want to hold on to!
Getting hysterical is another way to push away your partner. The partner gets turned off! Give them the space they want. Once they see that you are least bothered and unaffected, they would wonder why you are not reacting!
Everyone wants a mature partner, right?
Working On Self Growth
You are thinking too much about your partner’s mistakes. Once they have announced that they want out, it is best to work on yourself.
Show your partner that your heart feels fine. Join a salsa dancing class. Make new friends or indulge in solo travel. Eat good food, but exercise and work on your body.
Your partner is witnessing everything from a distance. They are baffled to see the change in YOU! Perhaps they would want more of you. If they cheated on you for a younger woman/better-looking man, show them that YOU are a snack too!
Concluding Thoughts
When we think more about this subject, it occurs to our mind that everyone should have self-respect.
Would you want to be a partner who slept with another man/woman? They may change their mind and come back to you. Would you be ready to share the bed with this same person? At the end, we all want a stable partner who stays loyal and is fully dedicated to us!
If your partner is ending the marriage because of sexual dissatisfaction, it is easy to turn them on and become a total snack again! In case your partner cheated on you, ask them whether they love the other man or woman or not. There are chances that your partner wants to remain single and travel to different places.
Ask your partner about the real reason for their unhappiness. Sometimes, you will find a way to get him/her back. But, never plead or beg. They say that anything that belongs to you will eventually come back to you.

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