How to Reconnect to Your Husband

Marriage takes hard work in order to last, and it requires both partners to contribute to the relationship. However, the sad reality is there will come a time when you feel disconnected from your husband. It could be because you both work too much and barely has time to talk for a full five minutes at home. Or it could be caused by some underlying issues that has been ignored for a long time. Whatever the reasons are for growing apart, you need to find out how to reconnect to your husband. Do not let your differences draw you further from each other to the point that you cannot find your way back to one another. As long as love is there in your heart, you need to fight for your marriage and preserve what is yours. It is not an easy road to take, but there are ways to patch up what’s broken, and start to find the light in your marriage again.
Set aside your pride
Pride is often the major culprit why married couples grow apart. A simple argument can lead to a full-blown fight because no one wants to admit their mistake. But you need to put a stop to this pissing contest, and set aside your pride to make things better between you and your husband. Once you let your pride go and make the first move, he will surely let down his guard and you both will be okay again.
Have a talk with your husband
Communication is crucial in a marriage. Once you stop talking and listening to each other, you are building a wall that start thin but gradually becomes thicker. And when the time comes when you face each other and feel too awkward to talk, then you know that your marriage is in deep trouble. And it is up to you to break the wall and have a sincere conversation with your spouse.
Initiate sexual intercourse
Often, married couples grow apart because they lack physical contact. Sex is an integral part of marriage, and the lack of intimacy is mostly the cause why one or both couples find sexual satisfaction with someone else. So no matter how heated your arguments are or how you do not like each at other at the moment, you should initiate sexual activity so you can find each other again. The release you feel after sex lets go of both your physical, emotional, and mental stress. And then you can start fixing your marriage.
Ask about his day and truly listen to him
Most of the time, the husband is quiet and does not talk much. And so when your fight has gone on for long now, you should break the silence. Make it a point to wait for him at home after work, and simply ask how his day is. And when he talks, listen to him genuinely, and be intuitive with him. Sometimes, a simple gesture goes a long way to fix what is wrong in a marriage.
Utilize the power of light touching daily
It is quite normal for married couples to give each other the silent treatment, especially when both are pretty sure that they are right. But, do not let petty arguments grow big. Even if you want to keep your pride and wait for him to speak to you first, never abandon the power of light touching. A simple touch in the shoulder when you give coffee, or a pat in the back while he washes the dishes, or a simple peck in the cheek before going to work will do. Eventually, he will feel good about your light touching, and you can both just laugh at your senseless fights one day.
Cook him breakfast and dinner
An old saying goes “ a way to man’s heart is through his stomach”. And that is actually true. Cook your husband meals even if you are not in good terms. Continue doing so until you both find your way back into speaking terms.
Go out with him and his friends
It is not uncommon that the wife is not in good terms with her husband’s friends. But stop being this kind of wife and start supporting your husband with his likes and friends. Hating his friends will only put you in the “outsider” corner, so find a way in.
Respect his privacy
It does not mean that because you are married, you own him. Your husband still has a right to his privacy, so unless you have a good reason, stop your secret inspection of his phone. Refrain from basically stalking him and annoying his co-workers by asking about his whereabouts all the time. Give him the space he needs to grow as a man and a husband, because no man in his right mind wants to be choked into submission, unless in a kinky sense.
Support his work
Work is an important factor in a man’s life, so stop pestering him about the things you hate about his job. Instead, support him so he can become better. Often, a wife that makes her husband’s work a rival ends up alone at home while her husband uses work to stay away.
Pay attention to his needs
Your husband has own needs, so respect what he wants. It is okay to suggest things like what he should wear and what he should do, but do not demand them from him. Remember that you loved and married an adult man, and not a senseless child. So let him be who he wants to be, and what he wants in life. Support him, but you give “suggestions”.
Final say
When you feel disconnected from your husband, it is never to too late to mend things. Never allow thing to go so bad, because you will have a hard time emerging from that dark well. Always try to remember the happy moments in your marriage when things go tough.

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