How To Make Your Wife Happy?

”The real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him.”
Would you give anything to make your woman happy? During the courtship phase, every young boy would cross bridges to make their girl happy. This is when you are trying to get her attention! When you get married to the same girl, responsibilities creep in and life becomes monotonous.
Making your wife happy is not an impossible challenge! Not every wife yearns for diamonds or a private jet plane ride. We, as humans, want to build a strong connection with our better halves.
A fulfilling relationship needs honesty, compatibility, support, good communication, and strength.
Even if you are married for the last 15 years, you should still come up with ways to make your partner happy. We are sure she’s trying to do everything to keep you happy and sane!
They say, ‘a happy wife means a happy life.’.
Let’s dig deep into this subject. How to make your wife happy? We’ll tell you everything we know!
#1 Remember All The Important Days
Men tend to forget all the important days. Remember each of her family member’s birthday. Remember the anniversary date, her birthday, and child’s birthday. In fact, you must celebrate her promotion at the workplace or the smallest accomplishment.
If it is Valentine’s Day and she expects you to remember it, get her some flowers and prepare a meal for her.
#2 Keep Her Sexually Satisfied
Just because she does not express, it does not mean that you will not satisfy her. Go down on her, give her multiple orgasms and even talk naughty with her.
Text her in between work and make her smile. You can say naughty things like –
”I’ll get home sooner, sweetie. Can’t wait to plant kisses on you!”
”I’m thinking of you, honey. Come hop on my lap after I get back home.”
We gave you some ideas! Use your creativity and put a smile on her face. She will be happy to know that you are thinking of her!
You must also talk about her desires. What would she like to do? Make a bucket-list of all the sex positions you want to try. In fact, you must watch porn together and try out what the PRO’s are doing!
#3 Listen to Her
She has a lot to say! Women tend to feel that men do not listen to their aspirations, desires and concerns. Sit down with your wife and let her speak. This time, you must listen to her and understand the issues.
Women want to be heard! When they do not get comfort from their own partner, they go their girlfriends. Why should your partner seek comfort outside the boundaries of a marriage?
Give her the liberty to speak to you about anything! Do not rubbish her feelings and find ways to mend your ways. Maybe she is having trouble at the workplace or she does not like you being irresponsible!
Men always complain that they don’t know what women want!
My friend, you have to listen to them to KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. It’s that simple!
#4 Distributing Household Chores
Don’t give all the responsibilities to your lady love. You can take the responsibility of cooking one meal or cleaning up the backyard.
Please remember the house belongs to both of you! Hence, the household chores should be distributed among the two of you.
#5 Fight. Don’t Give Up
None of us are perfect! There are differences between the two of you, but everything can be sorted. You can fight with each other for any reason, but find ways to get back together.
Ask your partner the following questions –
• How do we solve this?
• What would make you happy?
• I love you. I will bring changes in my behaviour. How do I sort this out?
If your wife sees you trying hard to make her happy, she will melt in your arms.
#6 Never Pressurize Her To Have Sex
Women go through a roller coaster of emotions! They have monthly menstruation, a baby to look after, a job to handle, and a home to take care of. She has enough on her plate!
There will be some days when she is not in the mood to have sex!
If she does not feel like having sex, let her be. Never pressurize her to have sex with you. Of course, you can find out ways to turn her on.
In case you are in the mood, kiss her gently and massage her at the right places. It is possible that she will get turned on!
#7 Be Loyal To Your Wife
A woman wants to be stress-free. Do not give her a hard time by hiding your feelings or important news. Most importantly, be loyal to her and never give her a chance to doubt you.
If she is feeling insecure, talk to her and clear the air. Give her loyalty and she will give you her whole world.
#8 Admit Your Mistakes
If you committed a mistake, learn to accept it. When women feel helpless, they turn to their friends or anyone who gives them support. You are the husband! Admitting your mistakes and apologizing for it is not as difficult. We are human beings and making mistakes is a part of life.
Concluding Thoughts
A happy marriage is a blissful place to be! You would want to do everything together and every passing day, you will have new things to look forward to.
Even if you have been married for a decade or two decades, think of small ways to bring a smile on her face. Know her likes, dislikes, and never hurt her feelings.
A visit to her workplace, a surprise date night or a thoughtful gift could make your woman happy.
So, try to know her heart and do things she would love! Making your woman happy and being selfless are two of the most heart-warming things you can do. Appreciate her, love her, and be a loyal husband. That’s all a woman really wants!

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