How To Make Your Marriage Work?

‘Marriage doesn’t guarantee you will be together forever, it’s only paper. It takes love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship, and faith in your relationship to make it last.’
”I’m done with you.”
”This marriage is an unhappy union.”
”It’s not working! We need to think about it.”
People are aware of the ‘distorted’ version of love and marriage. They believe that marrying someone will make everything alright. Taking the big step of marrying your beloved requires careful consideration.
Now that you have exchanged rings, taken your vows, and made babies (or not), it is time that you make your marriage work. Some relationships cannot be mended. Let’s say your partner cheated on you. There are two scenarios here: 1. You could forgive them and they would come back to you. 2. They decided that they want to move on and marry the other woman/other man.
It is your personal choice and decision to either forgive or just forget him/her.
If the cheating partner accepts the mistake and asks for a second chance, then there are chances of making it work. In case you are the cheating partner and have realized that things CAN mend, then please read on to find out how to make your marriage work?
I do. Do I?
Before we move forward with the post, you must ask yourself the following question –
Do you love your partner unconditionally?
Do you think you could spend the rest of your life with this person?
Dear reader,
You cannot make anything work in case there is no love in your heart. If your heart yearns for your partner and you look forward to growing old with the same person, then we can make amends and fix the marriage.
On the contrary, if there is love, you wouldn’t have to work hard to make your marriage ‘a secure and loving’ union. Do you love him/her enough to forgive them? Do you feel you can stay loyal to your partner for the next 50 years (or more)?
If you have any doubt in your heart, your marriage is not the place for you. It is best to accept that there is no turning back. Some relationships cannot be forced. Love is such a natural feeling and forcing it to make peace with your partner is a sin!
Ways To Make Your Marriage Work
You are here because you wish to rescue your marriage. We will guide you efficiently!
Here are some ways you can make your marriage work. Let’s get started!
1. No more blaming – Majority of the couples get into a tiff/a major fight because they cannot accept their mistakes. Is it too difficult to accept mistakes? Perhaps your ego overpowers the love in your heart. If you want to make things work, stop blaming your partner. Even if your partner is to be blamed, look into your own collar. Are you perfect? Nobody is!
2. Listen before speaking – We have this sudden yearning for scoring points. ”You are a loser! You do not care about my feelings. Why didn’t you tell me about this little detail before?” The only thing you will hear in this is the word ‘loser’. ”How dare you call me a loser?” That’s how great marriage break and we end up increasing the divorce rate each year. Hear them out! Anger makes you say things you did not mean. Your partner has genuine concerns. Of course, you will get your chance to speak, but scoring points is never the solution.
3. Getting Naughty – 15 years have gone by and your kids are now adamant and carefree teenagers. Your whole life is centred around the kids. We believe that men and women should have physical contact till the end! Yes, women reach the menopause stage and men may lose interest after their 60s, but you should never stop teasing your partner. By ‘tease’, we mean to say ‘flirt’.
Never stop flirting with your partner. Compliment them, kiss them on the cheeks, grab the butt, hold her from behind or just tell her she looks incredibly sexy in her night gown. For women, you can simply put on something sexy for the man. Men are visual creatures, my lady! If the food is interesting at home, the members will never go out for a feast. We hope you get the gist of it!
4. Remembering the Good Old Days – If you were dating in the past, you would have more memories to think about. In case you have been married for many years, you can still remember the honeymoon phase and how you used to indulge in PDA. It is good to sit down with each other and talk about those memories you created together. Look at old photographs, share your thoughts about how times have changes and how you must rekindle the passion.
5. Allow them to breathe! – Your partner should get some buddy time! Let them go out with friends every once in a while. Never spy on them or chase them with a to-do list. If they are a good partner, they will help you out in everything. Family is most important, but we are social beings and should get some off-time with our friends. Perhaps a beer with the buddies or a sangria date with the girls!
6. Forgetting the past – If your partner made some mistakes in the past, talk about it but do not bring back the old topics. You must learn to love each other and not think about issues that happened in the past.
7. Create light-hearted moments – Not everything in life has to be dealt with a serious attitude. You and your partner should have fun moments too! Go out for a drink, travel together, watch funny movies, crack jokes, and tease each other. Nobody wants to be in a marriage that induces stressful moments time and again.
Concluding Thoughts
Most importantly, the partners should respect each other and love with all their heart.
If there are issues, do not fight or argue. Love is bigger than your ego or any argument in this world. Everything has a solution! In fact, anything can be dealt with love, compassion and patience.
Listen to your partner, care for them, try out different sex positions, give them attention and time. Be loyal and dedicated to them! Marriage comes with a list of responsibilities and things-to-do. Hence, you should learn to abide by your partner and appreciate the efforts they make. If you possess all of these, your marriage will be a happier place.

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