How To Heal A Relationship After a Fight?

The pain you feel inside your heart, the sleepless nights, and the unbearable loss – all of these feelings are a sign that you want to get back to your partner. We see couples who have been together for years, but anger, frustration and ego can create a big barrier in your relationship. The question is – How do you get back together? Healing a relationship after a fight is a challenge, but if there is love in your heart, you can overcome any hurdle in life.

Here’s a post that talks about – How to Heal a Relationship After a Fight?
Never Sweep The Existing Problems Under The Rug
Even the most successful and loving couples can have issues in their relationship. The key is to NOT sweep your problems under the rug. This basically means that if there are issues between you two, talk about it. Communication can bridge the existing gaps.
If your partner does not know where they are going wrong, they would never put an effort to make changes. Similarly, you should also hear them out. It is possible that they are not happy with your attitude or the ways you handle the relationship.
Talk about it! Let’s take an example of a couple who have insecurity issues. The woman in the relationship is not happy with a female friend of yours. In your heart, you know that the female in your life is just a friend. But, you need to speak to her as to why she does not trust you. Ask her about the ways you can mend the relationship. Bring up the topic and never get agitated. Your partner would think that you are hiding some details about your relationship with this particular female friend.
If she is insecure and has mentioned the issue time and again, sit down and talk about it.
Apologizing Is Not A Sign Of Weakness
We do not believe in taking sides! No matter what your gender is, accepting mistakes or even apologizing are not signs of weakness. If you can save your relationship by apologizing, then you must do it.
There will be times when in a heated moment, you would say things you do not mean! Anger makes you do crazy things and that’s precisely why you should take that chance and apologize.
Here’s another example – You fought with your man because he shared his true feelings with you. In the heat of the moment, you snapped at him and left the room. Please understand that a relationship is a place where both the partners can share anything under the sun. Never block your partner from sharing anything with you! If you started the fight or your partner did not like something you did, apologize and do not let your ego speak. Your ego is not bigger than your love!
Giving Each Other The Space To Heal
The healing process is different for each person. Some people take a few days to heal and feel better, while others may take years to heal. You must give space to each other as healing is very subjective and everyone takes their own sweet time.
You cannot force anybody to get back to you. If the circumstances were nasty, it will take time for your partner to get back to normal.
However, do not vanish from their life. Text them that you care and will be waiting for their response. If they see you trying hard to come back, they would certainly pick up the phone and talk to you.
Listen To Understand and Not To Respond
Hearing and listening are two different concepts. When you hear out, you are not understanding. You just want to get done with the hearing part and move on. If your partner is speaking to you, listen to them.
If you love them dearly, you would listen to what they have to say. You would want to make amendments. When the love is real, you try to become the best version of yourself.
In case your partner is willing to meet and talk, listen to their side of the story. Your time will come! If your partner is reasonable and loves you back, they will also listen to you. Do not interrupt when they are talking to you. Effective communication is not one-sided. Please listen to understand and not to respond.
Please follow the tips given below:
• Never score points with your partner.
• Never hit below the belt. There is no going back from here.
• Avoid accusing your partner.
• Give up the idea/need of ‘I AM ALWAYS RIGHT’.
• Never put on your defensive hat.
• Listen to your partner. Do not respond just for scoring points!
• Give them space. Never cling to them unnecessarily.
• Never punish your partner by blocking them or complaining about them to the friends or relatives.
• Reflect and understand where you went wrong!
• Never shy away from apologizing. There is no harm in accepting your mistake and apologizing.
• Do not give up! If you feel that this relationship is worthwhile, do everything to keep your relationship unharmed.
• Forgive each other, forget about the fight, but learn from the mistakes.
Concluding Thoughts
You visited this post for a valid reason! Your heart wants him/her back. Fights are a part and parcel of life. When two people get married, they may spend their whole life fighting over small issues. This does not mean that love does not exist!
You will fight, patch up, and have passionate moments together. However, never tolerate violence from anyone. If your partner has humiliated you in front of others or physically assaulted you, then there is no turning back. In these cases, one has to have self-respect.
If it is just a fight, speak to each other, listen, and understand each other’s weaknesses and faults. Accept your mistakes and NEVER disappoint your partner.
Everything in this world has a solution. If there is love in your heart, nothing will ever break you.

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