How To Get Your Wife In The Mood?

‘I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night!’
We dedicate this song to YOU because tonight, your wife is going to be all over you. Hold that thought! Let’s focus on women and how you can get them in the mood! Whether it is day time or night, a great sex session is welcome ANY TIME of the day.
Once you are married, responsibilities kick in and sex becomes a rare act. Can you remember the last time you had sex? If you are thinking hard about it, please know that this article will help you get your wife in the mood.
You are not alone in this! As per the web traffic reports, many men are getting frustrated with their sex life. The woman in their life is getting all moody and is not interested in going down. The man sleeps on his side of the bed and the woman turns her back towards the husband. Let’s change this scenario and make your boring sex life a little more interesting.
The question is – How to get your wife in the mood? We’ll tell you all about it through this post. Do not be shy and read on!
Note – We have done enough research to find out what women like! We gathered data and several women participated in the survey and interview session. A quick poll on social media helped us to gain a lot of data on how to turn on your woman!
Ways To Get Her In The Mood
Men are visual creatures! If the wife walks into a room dressed up in a transparent clothing, he will get turned on. It is easier to turn on a man! Climb up on him, give him a massage, tease him, kiss him passionately or just walk around in your pyjamas with a sexy bra – he will grab you and make love all night long.
For a woman, it takes a little more creativity. The man wants his woman to enjoy the session and not fake an orgasm. Some wives tend to treat sex as a duty towards her man. Bummer! The man wants you to enjoy it, lady!
For all the men who are having trouble turning her on, please read this section carefully.
1. Get The Load Off Her Mind
She is juggling lots of work and does not get the time to think about herself. If she is handling all the home tasks, you can help her out with some errands. Make a sumptuous breakfast for her. Dress up the kid for school. Do the laundry once in a while.
Men should be an equal partner in all the household work. Don’t give her the full responsibility to handle the house tasks. Go to the school and meet the teachers, pick her up from office, cook one meal a day, give her a time-off so that she can spend time with her friends. If you take some responsibilities off her shoulder, she will be at peace. If her mind is always thinking about responsibilities, she will never think about satisfying you on bed. The lady is tired!
2. Compliment her
Women love compliments! Don’t tell her about her weight gain. They are extremely sensitive about their weight and physical appearance. If she has gained a little, hold her flesh and tell her, ”I love your curves!”
Make her feel good by showering compliments. Tell her that you find her very sexy while doing household chores or leaving her hair open. While she is doing the dishes, surprise her by holding her waist and kissing her neck.
3. Plan a Romantic Night For Her
Let the aunts or grandparents babysit for one night! Plan a surprise date night at home. Light up some candles, put on your a sexy shirt and buy a good-looking lingerie for her. When she returns home, give her your gift and a peck on the cheeks.
Prepare a sumptuous dinner for your lady and set up a table for two. You will sweep her off her feet! Women love surprises and they don’t expect it from their husbands. This could really turn her on! Since the kid is sleeping at the grandparent’s or aunt’s house, you two have the house all to yourself. Go wild!
4. Listen and Learn
Women have countless sexual desires! They are probably not sharing the details with you. Maybe she is into BDSM or wants to do role-play. How would you know? Listen to her carefully. If she is having a bad day, ask her ”What’s wrong, love? Tell me!”
A woman loves it when a man comforts her and listens to whatever she has to say!
Ask her about her sexual desires. Would she like to be the hot nurse or the sexy doctor? Does she want to have sex on the beach or a camping site? Turn your backyard into a camping site and make love inside a comfortable tent! Add some fairy lights for the perfect ambience.
5. Going Down On Her
Well, men love to get a head but they need to learn how to return the favour. Let’s not call it a favour, actually!
Women love it when their man goes down. Use the internet or a channel to find out the techniques of making her go wild on bed. There is not much to do, really! Use your tongue and your blissful mouth to satisfy the queen of your heart.
If you do it, she will get in the mood and go down on you!
6. Hello, flirty boy!
Men have the habit of flirting with their girlfriends, but it all stops right after marriage. Why?
You should flirt with her in public. Some women like it when the man holds their hand out in public. He plants a kiss on your cheek, holds your cute buttock and even whispers in your ears. This is what YOU should be doing, mate!
Never let the flirt die after marriage! If you want your woman to be a tigress on bed, keep her interested by flirting with her. A little PDA does not hurt!
Words from the Wise
Everyone on the internet will tell you about how you should kiss her passionately and respect her. Isn’t that obvious?
Be kind to your lady, appreciate her and give her all the attention and time. However, turning her on takes a little more effort. Go down, purchase sexy lingerie for her, shower her with compliments, touch her gently and say naughty things.
Most importantly, make her life stress-free. When you distribute the house errands, life will be simpler for her. She will have more time and energy to talk about sex and get dirty and naughty with you.

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