How To Fix A Broken Marriage?

‘A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes, and a promise to never give up on each other.’
What happens when you realize nothing’s right about your relationship? It can be earth-shattering when the husband and wife do not get along and have serious problems to deal with.
A broken marriage could also lead to a painful separation. Perhaps it could also lead to a full stop – DIVORCE! The question is – how to fix a broken marriage?
What is a failed marriage? Different people will describe it in their own ways. Do you see the signs already? We’ll help you find out whether your marriage is broken or not. But, most importantly, you would feel it when your marriage is down the drain.
Signs Your Marital Union Is Doomed
• Even though your partner is around, you feel lonely.
• You are concerned about the finances. If you love your partner, you would trust him. The trust does not exist anymore.
• You do not like being with your partner. His/her company is no longer enjoyable.
• Fights are over. You have stopped trying! You fight when you are hurt. This time you have given up and do not wish to fight.
• You feel disappointed. You also feel depressed. Your mind thinks of putting an end to life. (PS You need help from a psychiatrist! Depression has taken many lives).
• There is no sexual intimacy between you two. He may initiate it, but you feel like a corpse when he tries to turn you on or enter your private lady world (well!)
• You don’t communicate. Arguments happen on needless issues. If there is lack of communication, the relationship is over. You cannot be with someone whom you cannot talk to!
• Your partner disrespects you. He/she has insulted you in front of friends. Your opinion doesn’t matter to him/her.
• They hit you hard. Domestic violence is serious! If someone has hit you once, they get a free ticket to hit you the second and third time too.
Could you relate to any of the above-mentioned signs? If the answer is a YES, then you need help.
While domestic violence and disrespect is unendurable, you can work on everything else. A broken marriage can be fixed! That’s your personal decision. Since you have landed on this page, we know you want to try the very last time.
Admitting it – The First Ever Step
You have to accept that your marriage has issues. Most people shy away from talking about it. However, we would suggest not to tell the whole world about it. Eventually, you will be together forever and involving too many people gives them the right to intrude in your matters.
Admit it that your relationship is failing and YOU need to take charge to fix it. Majority of the couples end up getting divorced because they are too adamant and are not ready to change.
Why do we fear change? Is our ego bigger than love?
When two people fall in love, they change their ways to some extent. And, we are talking about both the partners.
The Big Question – How do you fix the broken marriage?
1. Healing your broken marriage is not going to be a walk on a bed of roses. Why did you fall in love with your partner? What has changed in them? If you find that your partner has changed over the years, do not put an end to the marriage. Priorities change and we become slaves of the society and our respective jobs. Perhaps your partner is going through a bad phase. Speak to them about it! As we said before, communication is extremely important. Hear them out and then tell them they have changed.
Take a paper and pen. Pen down the good qualities that made you fall in love with this person. Maybe some of those qualities still exist!
2. Infidelity is quite depressing. At the end of the day, it will be YOUR decision to stay or not to stay. Some people forgive their partner and others end up with a broken heart forever. If your partner cheated on you and still wants to work on the relationship, you must speak to them. They cheated once which means they could do it again. It all depends on how big your heart is! If the man/woman says he /she wants to get back, they want to make the marriage work. If you are the one who cheated on your partner, think of the reasons why you did that! Lack of sex? Lack of communication?
Please know that your partner is feeling the same way. They are dissatisfied with the sex and can’t speak to you too! Did they go and cheat on you? Maybe NOT! If you have not gone down the road of infidelity, think hard and speak to your partner.
3. You are no longer affectionate towards your partner. It could be the other way round too! If you are not getting affection from your partner, tell them how you feel. How would they know that you are unhappy? Nobody can read your mind! They do not have superpowers to find out whether you are depressed or not! Also, you should also put in efforts to show affection to your partner. We are sure they will reciprocate!
4. During crisis time, your partner may leave your hand. If there is a crisis and your partner is in trouble, stick with him/her. We get married for companionship! When the times are bad, you must work together and not against each other. Hold each other’s hand TIGHTER during crisis.
5. Convincing them to give you a last chance might help. Please note that not all broken marriage can mend. Sometimes, the situation is quite grave and it is the end of the road. Accept your mistake, listen to your partner, don’t score points and ask for a last chance. This could help you get a last chance!
The Takeaway
If there are minor issues in your marriage, you can work on them and fix the broken marriage.
Don’t give up! We should never let small issues become gigantic. If the situation is tough and there is no solution, speak to each other and find a way. In case nothing works out and you feel you have a chance of being happy again, then walk out of the marriage.
Always give your partner a chance. That final chance could be miraculous!

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