How To Be A Better Wife?

A wife is the companion who never leaves your hand during turbulences. She nurtures, loves, adores, and cares for you every single day.
In this ruthless world, everybody talks about the mistakes of a man. Sometimes, it could also be your wife’s mistake. We are human beings, and it is normal to commit mistakes. It is a myth that men carry a check list to find the perfect wife. We have never understood what a ‘wife’ or ‘husband’ material is. Everyone has different sets of priorities. It is untrue if you think a man wants a woman who can cook, clean, and make love like a hooker!
Of course, the man wants to be loved by the woman and he wants sheer loyalty from her. Are these enough? If you ask us, loyalty and unconditional love are two of the most important foundations for a successful marriage.
It is the responsibility of both man and woman to keep their relationship intact and strong. How about we focus on women and their duties?
In this post, we shall discuss the following query – How to be a better wife? For starters, you are a fantastic wife. But, since you landed on this page, we will tell you how you can improve or be better as a wife!
How To Be A MUCH Better Spouse?
Once you get married, priorities change. You are no longer hooking up, going on dates, and everything is out in the open. Things change after marriage! The most important change is that your responsibilities shoot up significantly.
For any woman, the child comes first and every single day looks like a routine. We will tell you how you can get back the spark in your relationship. This is strictly for married woman, who are seeking joy and are trying to mend their relationship.
Please know your relationship is not broken. It is just going through a normal phase! It is up to both the people of how they plan to rekindle the long lost romance.
• Let Him Have His Own Circle – Your man is trying to keep you happy and now it is your time to respect his space. When men get married, they give up their social circle. If he does not have friends, encourage him to go out for game nights. Let him invite some friends over for a beer or a Sunday brunch. When men become ‘family men’, some of them regret the idea of giving up the big game nights and a visit to the bar. Trust him! Let him get back to old days and spend time with his gang of boys (men).
• Communicate – Do you feel he’s cheating on you? Do you think he is hiding something that needs to be told right to your face? Women have the tendency to spy! You probably check his phone and follow his car, but all that is not required. You are man and wife! Anything can be discussed openly. You need to communicate with your partner. Never shout, scream or create drama! Like two mature adults, sit down and tell him about your worries. If he is a good man, he will tell you all the secrets. Men do not tell their wives secrets because they are afraid of the reaction. Don’t get angry! Give him the comfort that he can share anything with you.
• Support His Dreams and Goals – Men are afraid of sharing their dreams and goals with women because some of them just do not support their husband! If your man wants to start a business, learn Salsa dancing, or take up a new job in another city, then support it. ‘ME’ first attitude is great before marriage! Now that you are married, discuss dreams and future goals. Who wouldn’t want a supportive wife? You have to be your man’s cheerleader! Even if you feel his ideas are not practical, sit down and speak to him about the pros and cons.
• Expressing Your JOY – If you are happy with your partner, express your joy through actions and words. Men love the positive vibe! Light up the room with your happiness because that would make your man happy. Also, never ever lose the chance of expressing your love for him. Tell him how much you love him and shower compliments. Your husband would want to be around you more often! Showcase enthusiasm, make plans with him, and fill his life with joy and light.
• Respecting Your Partner – You could be two opposites working in the same direction. Both the partners must respect each other. No violence! No disagreements! Let’s say if your man decided something important for the family, respect it. This does not mean you have to agree to whatever he says! Respect his decisions and never rubbish him! Never ever humiliate your partner in front of people. Never come to conclusions before discussing it with him.
• Light His Fire – We believe human beings are more like ‘sexual beings’. You want to release your stress and try different positions. Life is not just about sex, but it is important. As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, sex is a part of the chart. Try new sex positions with him, dress up naughty at night, surprise him by going down on him, tell him your desires, and even plan your 100th honeymoon at a villa. Men would love it if you keep things interesting in the bedroom.
• Be Yourself and Have Fun – Nobody is asking you to give up your identity. Learn to have some fun! Marriage does not have to be boring. You can get creative, fun, and wild whenever you like! Go for adventures as a man and wife. You can be yourself unapologetically.
Concluding Thoughts
At the end of the day, you must be loyal to your man. Nobody is asking you to worship him or stop living your life. You can have a social life and still be madly in love with your partner.
A relationship will thrive when you both are effortless in loving each other. Spend time together and even if you are not in the mood, make it up to him the next morning.
While cooking good food and mopping the home are skills that make you self-sufficient, but they are not as important to become a good wife. So, if you are feeling incompetent of being a good wife, please know that your man married you for a reason!
You are worth it.

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