How to Be a Better Husband and Have a Happy Home

Now that you have your own family, it is your responsibility as a husband and a father to give a better life for your loved ones. It is only right that you aim for the best for your family, may it be in terms of financial, material things, or emotional satisfaction. You love your family too much, and you can never imagine an existence without them in it. And so to preserve the bond of your family, you want to find out how to be a better husband and have a happy home.
Do not bring your work home
Your work is an important aspect of your life, and it is the source of financial freedom for your family. But you must not bring your work home with you. Once work hours is over, go home to your family. Gather the whole gang and update each other about your day. Have a quality time with your family, tuck your kids in, and have a quiet time with your lovely wife sipping wine and just enjoying each other’s company.
Take your wife on a date every week
A great husband takes his wife on a date at least once every week. So make sure that you schedule a sitter for your children every week so you can have a romantic dinner with your spouse in a restaurant. Or you can take your wife to the movies and simply have fun together. Always make it a point to keep the flames of your relationship burning, even after years of being married. And give her a bouquet of flowers at least once a month. That will surely make her happy and contented.
Spend your rest days with your family
Be a responsible family man and spend your weekends with your wife and kids. Go on a picnic, or enjoy a day in the park or in the beach. Or you can go to the mall, watch a movie, eat, and have great fun as a family. Give your full focus to your wife and children during your days off to make your family a picture of happiness.
Work hard for a financially stable life
Never be contended with the financial compensation that you are receiving now. Aim for a higher salary and benefits, so you can provide well for your family. Save money for the future of your kids, and buy your wife expensive jewelries. Your family deserves the best things in life, so work harder to provide them what they need and want.
Balance your family, work, and social life
Many married men gets choked up with their family responsibilities. Do not let that happen to you, because once you feel like you are trapped by your own wife and kids, your unhappiness starts to grow. What you can do is to create a balance in your work, family, and social life. Explain to your wife that there will be nights when you spend some time with your buddies and have fun. But of course, keep the fun to a minimum, like drinking in a bar and simply talk and laugh, or play cards with the boys, or engage in billiards. Never have fun in strip clubs with your guy friends, because that will surely make your wife hurt and angry.
Never cheat on your wife
The best husbands are those who never cheat on their wife. Cheating is a big “no” in a marriage, so do not create a scenario where your wife’s heart is turned into a million pieces. There will always be temptations lurking around the corner, but be strong enough to reject them. Always remember that adultery is a major reason for divorce in the country.
Support your wife and children in their desires
Be a great husband and support your wife with everything that she believes in or wants to do. Provided of course that they are all good things. Your wife can surely use your trust in her, and be there for her until she achieves what she wants in life. And your children are growing up, so they are starting to discover what they like. Give your support coupled with proper guidance, so they will not get influenced by the bad things in life.
Take time off at least twice a year for a week-long vacation with your family
Every year, schedule a week-long leave from work so you can take your family to a vacation outside the state or country. A long vacation enhances your bond as a family, plus it will be so much fun. It is best to do this at least twice a year, but once is fine as long as it is done. Make this a tradition, and go to different places each year.
Cook for your wife and kids
In your busy schedule, you must take the time to cook for your wife and kids. Your wife will surely love this gesture of love, and will become happier with you. Your family will have something to look forward to every week, and you can allow your kids to participate in your cooking.
Attend school meetings and events with your wife
Make it a point to show a united front with your wife when it comes to your children’s education. Go with your wife to school meetings and events, and never miss a single performance of your children. This could be hard to accomplish, but make the time for your family. And your kids will love you more for it, and become happier growing up.
Final say
Family is the utmost important aspect in your existence. And by being the best husband and dad in the world, you are creating a happy family that sets the standard of a genuine family to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. You are setting a good example to your kids, and you are making your wife ecstatic with happiness to have married you.

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