Best Marriage Advice: Secret To Attain Marital Bliss

Giving marriage advice to a couple can be an extremely daunting task! Every couple is unique, but there is one thing that would bind you forever. As long as there is love in the relationship, you would always find ways to get back together. See! We gave you the first piece of advice in the beginning itself.
When we talk about the best marriage advice, there are quite a few ideas and thoughts that criss-cross our mind.
Perhaps you have searched the World Wide Web to find a decent piece of advice, but everyone will tell you the same old story. Our job is not to disappoint you with the same old advices.
We have jotted down the best marriage advice(s) that would make your marriage a sane and happy place.
#1 Learn To Go Solo
If you are getting married to be around your partner 24×7 – it will never work out! Marriage does not mean you get hooked to your partner all day long. They will have office work, buddy time, and recreational activities to participate in.
Of course, there is going to be more sex and lovey-dovey time. But, you cannot expect the better-half to be around you forever.
You should have your own hobbies. Go out with friends, learn a new dance form, exercise, do your office work or watch a good movie. There are many things to do! Marriage is an institution. When you are in a relationship (no strings attached), the situation is different. You meet for dates twice or thrice a week. You never stay at each other’s home. Things are different in a marital union! Hence, give up the idea that you will be a honeymoon couple for the rest of your life.
#2 Splitting the Household Chores
Never let your spouse do all the work! They will despise it after a point of time. Your partner has tons of work to do, but they never get any help from your side.
Giving money, providing shelter or paying the bills is not enough! You need to split the household chores and take off some burden from their shoulder. Do you want a resentful husband/wife? We don’t think so!
#3 Never Let Any Moment Pass
Don’t let him/her walk out of the door without a kiss. Life is quite unpredictable. It is quite short, and emergencies never knock the door before entering your life.
Hence, appreciate your partner and create moments with them. Yes, everyone is busy earning money and running in the rat race. However, nobody takes the money along with them. It all stays on Planet Earth! Steal every moment and make your partner happy.
Love is also about appreciating the little joys of life. Plant kisses all over their face or just make a good meal. You don’t have to be clingy, but let them know that your heart is filled with love.
#4 Listen to your partner. Listen, Don’t Just Hear!
There is a big difference between listening and hearing. When you listen, you understand. Never interrupt because your partner may have a valid point. Your chance of talking will arrive sooner or later. But, let them put their points on the table.
Blame-games are not appreciated. First listen to what they say, and then work on solutions. If there’s love in your heart, your need for scoring points will vanish.
#5 Being Open To New Adventures
We believe that a successful marriage has a lot of respect and great sex. There comes a time when the kids become your world. Family should be your priority, but be open to new adventures. Once your kids grow up, don’t be a spoilt sport and enjoy your life with your partner.
Never let your sex life go dull. Although there is no good reason for cheating on your wife/husband, but a bad sex life could ruin your marriage. You must ask your partner about their sexual fantasies and what they would like to do.
If it’s possible, try new positions or watch porn together. Do some fun things together to maintain the same old spark! Why should sex life be boring after having kids? You can still be wild beasts in the bedroom.
#6 Never Criticize Your Partner
There will be a time when you are absolutely offended and disturbed. You might even say nasty things about him/her in front of colleagues, friends, and relatives.
The most important marriage advice to you is this – never criticize or bitch about your partner in front of others. It is quite disrespectful! What if your partner does the same behind your back? It is disturbing! In a relationship, you need transparency. If something bothers you, sit down with your partner and talk it out. Communication is extremely important in every relationship. Don’t cry, howl or make a scene. Just talk!
Also, you should never share your partner’s weakness and bad habits with others. Others will have a good laugh and they will probably tell 10 other people.
#7 ‘WE’ AND ‘US’ comes FIRST
No matter what the issue is, you are a team. Never get mad at him/her because at the end of the day, you have to be together for the rest of your life. Be truthful! Even if you cheated and want to get back, speak to your partner.
If your partner is giving you an advice, don’t think that they are against you. You are together in this!
Your partner will always support your decisions and dreams.
Concluding Thoughts
Companionship is crucial. We are social beings, but we need one partner to share our joys and sorrows.
The best marriage advice is to be faithful, dedicated, and understanding. Every relationship will see dark days, but you do not change the location or home. Just like we fix the bulb in the house instead of changing the residence, you need to have faith in the union.
Even if things are not as perfect as they were before, there is still hope. If there is love in your heart, you can make your relationship the most beautiful place on Earth.

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